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Video, Political / Social, Short film, 16:9, 10 Minutes 20 Seconds, 2009
I was born in 1979, six years after the military coup in Chile.
I grew under the dictatorship, in my motherís arms. She told me that, paradoxically, it was the happiest period of her life.
She lived through the dictatorship behind a wall, protected from it all. As soon as Iíd grown up, my mother realized that there had never been such a harmful time for Chile.
I am a piece of this history, full of contradictions. After democracy returned, during the government of president Ricardo Lagos Escobar, the Presidential Palace building
was repainted in its original color, an off-white, and the pedestrian entrance was reopened in time for the 30th anniversary of the coup díétat. For the very first time people could walk through its halls.
This was an initial symbol of the changes afoot. Henceforth, after ten 19 years of democracy, the population can only enter Government House by way of a route running north-south, that is, from the Plaza de La Constitución to the Plaza de La Ciudadanía. Going in the opposite direction is forbidden.
It is indeed a sign that the doors of the Presidential Palace have been opened; but at the same time it symbolically implies that one should not go back in history, that one should look only forwards.
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Comments (8)

Florentia Kakouratou
1 year ago
Verament' è stupendo!!!
Sono senza parole!
Gianna Falsini
1 year ago
modern religious art
1 year ago
modern religious art Artist group
very Cheesey video, so cheesy cannot belive it, also the notes on the artwork do not seem to connect with the artwork as far as i can tell.
1 year ago
Iginia Artist
very very good!!
Patrizia Bonardi
2 years ago
Very poetic work
Windy Noviardy
2 years ago
This is great, and very poetic!.
Windy Noviardy
2 years ago
This is great, and very poetic!.
2 years ago
bellissima opera!
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Enrique Ramirez
Santiago, Chile - 1979
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