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Morels - Birgit Oestergaard

Morels (Birgit Oestergaard)
Installation Abstract informal Textile (Birgit Oestergaard - Arhus Denmark)

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Installation, Abstract informal, Textile, Light, 600x300x1000cm, 2002
Installation made for solo exhibition. Louis Poulsen´s showroom in Copenhagen.
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Comments (8)

Luigi Filograno
1 year ago
Small lights in enchanted wood!You have a gift for needlework!
Corrado Lippi
1 year ago
Opera molto bella e grazie dell'amicizia.
1 year ago
Riflessi mistici di moderni ex voto.
Gianluca Mennucci
2 years ago
Birgit, hi
I visited your website and I appreciate a lot your wonderful pictures... they are very very clean and show your ability to show light and lines in a very beautiful way, in rooms and objects you represent. I have a sister that is architecture graduate and I see in your works the same rationality and nice shapes like she has when drawing. Great technique!!! I'd like to read more things about your work (possibly in english). Bye!!!
gabriella siciliano
2 years ago
Hello! Very good!
Amir Hossein Zanjani
2 years ago
Debora Spera
2 years ago
Debora Spera Artist
Waldemar Dabrowski
2 years ago
As this work nicely to present in this space...!
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Birgit Oestergaard
Arhus, Denmark - 1947
Joined 2 years ago, visits 5057

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