L'uomo bifronte della foresta con due code

L'uomo bifronte della foresta con due code

Printing on PVC
IMAGINARIUM Collection *
The two-faced man of the forest with two tails or (the centaur biting its tail)
The symbolism of the centaur is very fluctuating, in the ancient world has a positive meaning because it is the synthesis of strength and speed, but in the medieval features of the figure leads to a reversal of values​​, the collection is perceived as a representation of lust and greed. The work that you admire is freely adapted from the stylized low relief, but yet so finely crafted and treated in detail in its parts so calligraphy conveys a 'sense of finely worked lace and communicates a sense of sophistication and refinement.

The works in this series are drawn from the figures in low relief placed in square frames, or in small niches that adorn the main entrance of the Cathedral of Ferrara and is nestled in the sloping pillars that create the splay of the main entrance. The themes of these sculptures are drawn from medieval Bestiaria, which is a collection of real or imaginary animals that symbolize the virtues and vices or Herbaria whose symbolic value is not always a given interpretation. The title of the small exhibition attracts the imagination of a time now far away, but always fascinating because it is our past, when the events of the life and history were marked by imaginative and fanciful beliefs.
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