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'I Used To Watch Snooker With My Grandad'

Video, Sport, Computer graphics, 16:9, 2 Minutes 54 Seconds, 2010
I used to watch snooker with my Grandad, as a child. His favourite player was Terry Griffiths and mine was Jimmy White. I will always remember watching snooker with my Grandad.

I started making this piece just before my Grandad died. He died on April 28th 2008, at 10.30pm - I remember that evening vividly as I sat next to him whilst he drew his last breaths.

The piece took over two years to finish - partly because the whole piece became an integral part of my grieving process.
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1 year ago
Emily Martinez
2 years ago
2 years ago
alberto Artist
Tommaso Tregnaghi
2 years ago
great work..really great.
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