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Nell'ultimo atto - gelidelune

Nell'ultimo atto (gelidelune) - beyondmemory
Photography Fantasy / Visionary Digital (gelidelune - Chioggia Italy)

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Nell'ultimo atto

Photography, Fantasy / Visionary, Digital, Dibond, 100x50cm, 2012
"Memory / Forgetfulness of an act"
Photography as a means of representation - the reconstruction of fragments of memory of a traumatic event to witness to the limits and fragility of human affairs.
Control events, to understand the deeper reason, reconstruct the order of action and individual memory in restituirne a shared sense of value in terms of the collective unconscious, to recognize the underlying mechanisms of repression, are some of the dynamics under investigation and food for thought that places the proposed project.
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catherine burg
2 years ago
Intéressant !
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Chioggia, Italy - 1970
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