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When Germans Are Having Fun/ Wenn Deutsche lustig sind – Dokufiction - Joachim Seinfeld

When Germans Are Having Fun/ Wenn Deutsche lustig sind – Dokufiction (Joachim Seinfeld) - beyondmemory
Photography Political / Social Mixed technique (Joachim Seinfeld - Berlin Germany)

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When Germans Are Having Fun/ Wenn Deutsche lustig sind – Dokufiction

Photography, Political / Social, Mixed technique, Photographic paper, 60x50cm, 2012
In this series Joachim Seinfeld uses archival material showing scenes from German history. He mounts himself in historical photographs in various disguises staging different people representing different positions in the scenery.
Thus our perception is sharpenend and our – sometimes – unquestioned approach to historical visual material is reflected on.The artist also ridicules the pseudo historical Docufiction TV features so often seen on the screen in the last years by boosting the absurdity of 'enhancing' historical pictures for sensationalistic purposes.
The first picture of this series, "Wenn Deutsche lustig sind – Dokufiction: Asch 1938" had been carried out in 2005 for the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in the National Gallery, Prague. It shows the arrival of German troups in the so called Sudetenland and was presented as a large format image (280x340 cm) on acetate. A smaller version followed (180x240 cm). All other images so far are printed on baryta paper. The series is still developing and will include the entire German 20th century.

1. Wenn Deutsche lustig sind – Dokufiction: Asch 1938
Large format version on acetate at the exhibition „On Tectonics of History“ at Graz (AT)
2. Asch 1938, annexation of the so called Sudetenland; 2005
3. Fürstenwalde 1937; 2012
4. Buergerbraeukeller, Munich Nov 8th, 1939, after the attempt on Hitler’s life; 2012
5. Berlin 1962, construction of the Berlin Wall; 2009
6. Berlin (East) 1976, inauguration of the Palace of the Republic, 2006
7. Berlin (West) 1958, election of Miss Germany; 2006

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Joachim Seinfeld
Berlin, Germany - 1962
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