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Private Conversation

Video, Portrait, Short film, 16:9, 6 Minutes 51 Seconds, 2011
“Private Conversation - writes the critic Bruno Di Marino - has a strong value in the discourse about dentity suspended between private and public. The small events of everyday life, like making love, eating, dancing, rocking a baby, blend to an acoustic textures in which responses to a simple question posed to some of the protagonists of the cultural lucan scene are superimposed: What fascinates you most and what bothers you about the contemporary society?. The jumble of phrases and voices that build sound carpet of the video, makes even more complex the layering of visual game that sees the digital silhouettes of the artist protagonist the of a home theater that grows up to be collective and community. The theater (bodies imprisoned) filters the cinema (the “Chinese” shadows on the front).The reflection on the passage of time as the identity construction in the space of experience.
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2 years ago
alberto Artist
ottimo lavoro..
2 years ago
mi piace molto!
catherine burg
2 years ago
Original et intéressant !
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