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"Habits-follow the Rainbow nott the Whiterabbit"-Rainbow II : Botox and Coffee (Nike Brass Alghisio)
Painting Fantasy / Visionary Acrylic (Nike Brass Alghisio - Berlin Germany)

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"Habits-follow the Rainbow nott the Whiterabbit"-Rainbow II : Botox and Coffee

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Acrylic, Canvas, 40x40cm, 2012
Rainbow II : Coffee and Botox ( appearence) :
“money/ success/ fame/ bronies/ because we are living in the days of the thing” Plastic surgery. Bodymodification for becoming beautiful is in our generation something really accepted like “dayly bread”... So why not to put your personal botox in the fridge and let your partner do to you the injection while your taking the morning coffee? Fabolous baby!
This “Rainbow” it’s also my gift to the queer world : the gay-porno-minipony is blinking and showing us the hole of his ass, the concept of penetration is rappresented from the beginning to the end (bisturi, injection, final rainbow ejaculation).
Muse in this painting : the artist Paolo Petrangeli and the artist Paolo Pilotti
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Nike Brass Alghisio
Berlin, Germany - 1980
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