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Rainbow VI : Ophelia is still alive! - Nike Brass Alghisio

Rainbow VI : Ophelia is still alive! (Nike Brass Alghisio)
Painting Fantasy / Visionary Acrylic (Nike Brass Alghisio - Berlin Germany)

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Rainbow VI : Ophelia is still alive!

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Acrylic, Canvas, 50x50cm, 2012
Rainbow VI : “Ophelia is still alive!”
This is the last Rainbow, the Rainbow without colours and talks about suicidial thoughts.
The character is inspired from the eternal romantic Shakespeare myth “Ophelia”, so the title is remarking the never-ending “life” of the suicide woman and...
Who as never thought , even only one time on his own life to commit a suicide?
The power of the choice to continue to live or to stop it's already an habit for a suffering heart, but our Ophelia will never do it, like a shaky marble on the border , like the razor blade on the border of the bathtub, that will fall down in the empty darkness for ever.
Here it is also my present to the singer Ian Curtis.
Muses in this painting : the photographer Paola Verde aka Kaos Vortex.
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Nike Brass Alghisio
Berlin, Germany - 1980
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