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Deposizione con Burqa-Yankee - Peppe Denaro

Deposizione con Burqa-Yankee (Peppe Denaro)
Digital Graphics Political / Social Processing graphics (Peppe Denaro - Mazara del Vallo Italy)

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Deposizione con Burqa-Yankee

Digital Graphics, Political / Social, Processing graphics, 100x140x002cm, 2012
Frottage digital inkjet print on photographic paper applied on Dibond.
The removal of the body from the cross of Jesus, or the deposition, is here set in "Golgotha
contemporary ": a post-apocalyptic industrial and twenty-first century, where a lament over the dead Christ (fragment of the painting, The Lamentation of Christ, Anthonie Van Dick, of 1634) are women in burqas, one of whom wears a" burqa anomalous "the burqa-Yankee.
This is a hybrid symbolic fusion and confusion of two opposing symbols, on the one hand the U.S. flag represents the American capitalist liberalism and the dream Yankees, on the other hand, the burqa is Islamic fundamentalism and the chauvinist regime Taliban.
In the background (top left), among the findings of industrial archeology, you can see the Pieta of Michelangelo, a marble sculpture of 1498-99, while in the background, right under the law is written in Hebrew, GolgothaR03;R03;, that is, the place of the skull.
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Comments (4)

aldo palazzo
1 year ago
aldo palazzo Artist
si,mooolto interessante
1 year ago
Aivars Mangulis
1 year ago
Peppe,buon giorno!

Le immagini sono molto interessanti!

Per quanto riguarda-
Aivars M.
Anna Maria Crestoni
1 year ago
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Peppe Denaro
Mazara del Vallo, Italy - 1974
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