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TOTALITARIAN TINKERBELLS (Alec Von Bargen) - Future Cities - Planning for the 90%
Photography Political / Social Digital (Alec Von Bargen - Milano Italy)

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Photography, Political / Social, Digital, Dibond, 50x350x5cm, 2012
TOTALITARIAN TINKERBELLS is a polyptych of 9 digital images. It concentrates on buildings, overcrowded spaces and the lack of intimacy; invasion, voyeurism and the obsession of the east with the west and vice-versa; duality, suffocation and the place we each occupy as human beings. The world is full of contrasts: The old with the new, the sparse with the opulence, the 'in-your-face' with the hush-hush of society repressed by silent and veiled regimes. Our governments lie to us, they have their eyes on us, but at the same time we have had, and will always have our eyes wide open and our souls anxious and willing to absorb everything our world has to offer. TOTALITARIAN TINKERBELLS was shot throughout China and more than a solution for society at large, it is represents the reality, the solution our governments are taking to occupy space and control each and every one of us.
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Comments (6)

Corrado Lippi
1 year ago
Mi piace molto.
Waldemar Dabrowski
1 year ago
Very interesting...!
2 years ago
Totur Artist
Bravo !!!!
pino spadavecchia
2 years ago
Ottimo lavoro.
catherine burg
2 years ago
Intéressant concept :)
Rossella Santoro
2 years ago
Affascinante opera. Bravo :)
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Alec Von Bargen
Milano, Italy - 1972
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