We are now embroiled in social patterns that we create with the aim of:
Cancel the concept of uniqueness
Reduce chaos
Making life easier
Control who escapes to the model and delete it if contrast
Stifle creativity.
This standardization is convenient for those who generate it because this system reduces the events that can spin out of control and who suffers because it is not likely to consider their differences an opportunity rather than a discriminant. Who creates and who suffer are actually the same subject, ourselves.
The model predicts the crisis of the same and the search for an alternative model. It 'simply generate a feeling of change in order to feel alive even exchanging roles and bartering the baggage of his own personality with that of another person.
Assume the role of another that we are not forcing us to a thought that is not ours is the implosion of our being, a being vacated could release useful energy to change the world.
A world that has the limits created by man has no future and there are no last-minute solutions to stem a disaster, with only each one's uniqueness always hidden and never expressed may be the engine of humanity. Have an idea or a thought, real and not induced, are the greatest treasure of mankind. Every time this happens if the explosion is natural and there is no doubt then generates Art than Life.

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Gianfranco ferlazzo
2 years ago
...Questo lavoro coinvolge sinesteticamente più derive ed è nella sua essenza complesso,intenso e concettualmente preciso.Complimenti!
raimondo izzo
3 years ago
raimondo izzo Artist
Brava Lucia.
raimondo izzo
3 years ago
raimondo izzo Artist
Brava Lucia

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