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Virtus et vitium - Roberto Selmi

Virtus et vitium (Roberto Selmi)
Digital Graphics Fantasy / Visionary Computer graphics (Roberto Selmi - Ferrara Italy)

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Virtus et vitium

Digital Graphics, Fantasy / Visionary, Computer graphics, 130x71x2cm, 2012
The works that I present in this new collection, processing is taken from medieval Bestiaria, a collection of real or imaginary animals that symbolize vices or virtues extrapolated from the figures in low relief decorating the cathedrals of medieval Europe. The paintings on display express a synthesis of good and evil, like the rooster recalls the theme of denial, but also the themes of the Annunciation, the Resurrection and the Supervisory Board, or rabbit winged symbol of fertility in the Middle Ages it became a symbol of lust or even the bird, considered a symbol of the soul and the Middle Ages also becomes a representation of freedom from the earthly and the materiality and messenger of the divine will.
These paintings express the ambiguity of symbols as a representation of the ambiguity of the human soul in a combination of harmonious colors that infuse warmth and tranquility because the image is created and enveloping with a nice calligraphy. All my work has a conceptual reading and represent a summary of Revised reality from fantasy, which makes it larger and extended the thoughts and concepts that live in our minds, bringing this to a remote past which is nothing but the distant mirror of our roots.
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Occhio di Ra
1 year ago
Occhio di Ra Artist
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Roberto Selmi
Ferrara, Italy - 1950
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