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MG - Maria Grazia Iozzo

MG (Maria Grazia Iozzo)
Painting Portrait Pencil (Maria Grazia Iozzo - Catanzaro Italy)

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Added: 1 year ago


Painting, Portrait, Pencil, Cardboard, 56x38cm, 2011
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Comments (5)

Michel Guy
7 months ago
Michel Guy Artist
MG ????? like my name???? I'm jocking!! :)
Corrado Lippi
1 year ago
Un autoritratto molto bello. Soffusamente romantico.
Paul De Haan
1 year ago
Paul De Haan Artist
Bellissime luci
Teresa Palombini
1 year ago
bel lavoro!
catherine burg
1 year ago
Belle oeuvre !
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Maria Grazia Iozzo
Catanzaro, Italy - 1975
Joined 1 year ago, visits 1307

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