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Angeli alla Zisa - Peppe Denaro

Angeli alla Zisa (Peppe Denaro)
Digital Graphics Political / Social Processing graphics (Peppe Denaro - Mazara del Vallo Italy)

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Angeli alla Zisa

Digital Graphics, Political / Social, Processing graphics, 140x200x003cm, 2012
Frottage digital inkjet print on photo paper applied on Dibond.
On the façade of the Zisa in Palermo, the angels of Caravaggio (piece of modern art), surrounded by lightning, seem to fall on a carcass of a car (piece of urbanization).
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Comments (8)

2 months ago
Melvin Harris
1 year ago
Nicky Chiarello
1 year ago
Anna Maria Crestoni
1 year ago
Mi piace
Beatrice Crotti
1 year ago
Complimenti per le tue opere!
Anna Lisa De Marianis
1 year ago
Complimenti... bella opera!
Stefano Bufalini
1 year ago
silvia frenda
1 year ago
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Peppe Denaro
Mazara del Vallo, Italy - 1974
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