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SAME SKIN - Black Skin 1 - Francesca Vezzani e Tiziano Ganapini

SAME SKIN - Black Skin 1 (Francesca Vezzani e Tiziano Ganapini)
Photography Political / Social Digital (Francesca Vezzani e Tiziano Ganapini - Reggio nell'Emilia Italy)

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SAME SKIN - Black Skin 1

Photography, Political / Social, Digital, PVC, 40x60cm, 2012
Should there be no sharing, no encounter between people, there would be no citizenship, no common life. The foundation of this idea is the relationship between people, which growth is proportional to the sharing of opinions, ideas, culture, while its denial brings to separation and hate.
Through SAME SKIN we neutralize the first difference between human beings, the color of the skin, depicting them as grey mannequins covered by the five colors of the humanity. The consequent notion is that we are all equal, and that that we all should start from this equality to make common life more concrete, without any separation bound with prejudices.
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