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Colombina si mostra - Anja Pauseback

Colombina si mostra (Anja Pauseback) - Painting Premio Celeste 2012 (Italy)
Painting Abstract informal Acrylic (Anja Pauseback - Braunschweig Germany)

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Colombina si mostra

Painting, Abstract informal, Acrylic, Wood, 75x90x2.5cm, 2012
Columbine shows herself
Columbine is a person from the lower social class (stratum). In the Commedia dell'Arte she usually plays the role of the servant or cook. She is free of the stilted manners of the upper class and is a lively, self-confident character who speaks her mind. She is mischievous, quick-witted and cunning. When Columbine comes on stage, the joy of living comes back into play, along with the desire to pay closer attention to one's own life. Perhaps this indicates that the time has come for women to make their female intuition a reality. It is a force against the melancholy of our times, arising when the ordinary chaos of everyday life begins to strangle us.
(nominate for PALM-ART-AWARD 2012)
(text: Katrin Walter simply.walter@yahoo.com; translation: Anna Ambrosini, Roma, immortalpalindrome@yahoo.it)
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Comments (6)

Anja Pauseback
1 year ago
Ringrazio molto, Corrado.
Corrado Lippi
1 year ago
Veramente interessante. Complimenti e grazie dell'amicizia.
Anja Pauseback
1 year ago
Grazie mille Irene. Ci tengo anche molto alla mia Colombin :-))
irene demetrino
1 year ago
Molto bello!
Anja Pauseback
1 year ago
La mia Colombina è anche nominato per il PALM-ART-AWARD 2012.
Katrin Walter
1 year ago
Katrin Walter PR / Marketing
I commenti sull'opera si trovano anche qui http://www.premioceleste.it/index.php?p=opera&l=ita&ido=129797#a_comm
Quest'opera è anche nominato per il famoso Palm-ART-AWARD
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Anja Pauseback
Braunschweig, Germany - 1967
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