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through the blues - Damon Cureton

through the blues (Damon Cureton) - Painting Celeste Prize 2012
Painting Abstract informal Acrylic (Damon Cureton - Torino Italy)

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through the blues

Painting, Abstract informal, Acrylic, Canvas, 100x80cm, 2012
From the series 'pours'.
I am interested in the tensions between order and chaos, expressiveness and restraint, the gestural and the conceptual. My work has developed through layering expression with calculation. Made from layered, poured pools and washes of acrylic pigment and water and adjustments: pouring, tipping, tilting. The layers of paint are applied then rinsed out, sometimes washed off, leaving only the ghostly impression of colour, movement, time, the history of its making.
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Comments (7)

silvia canton
1 year ago
Corrado Lippi
1 year ago
Opera molto bella. Grazie dell'amicizia. e in bocca al lupo.
Tiziana Parziale
1 year ago
Complimenti un'opera davvero intensa.
Damon Cureton
1 year ago
Grazie tutti.

Thankyou for the comments.
Maristella  Angeli
1 year ago
Ottimo effetto!
Gianfranco ferlazzo
1 year ago
Very very nice
Maria Cristina  Neviani
1 year ago
Bellissima, bravo!
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Damon Cureton
Torino, Italy - 1969
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