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LEPRE - Luca Mannino

LEPRE (Luca Mannino) - Installation, Sculpture & Performance Premio Celeste 2012 (Italy)
Sculpture Animal Other (Luca Mannino - Palermo Italy)

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Sculpture, Animal, Other, Other, 70x70x14cm, 2012
The assemblages of which “Lepre” is part, were born from conceptual reflections on the technological hybridization of human nature and from the purely technical challenge to use urban wastes as pictorial material and, at the same time, as a pliable substance. The material I use is mainly retrieved from small household appliances, computer and electronic material, and more. I dismantle and reassemble the whole on wooden or methacrylate bearings, retrieved too; starting from a preliminary drawing and selecting the scrap with an anatomical accuracy, I assemble it in an organized system, where every piece takes up a carefully considered space, as if it had a real vital function.
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Comments (6)

Anna Di Leo
7 months ago
Anna Di Leo Artist
Bellissimo concetto, ricerca davvero interessante e....risultato "inquietante"! (Ma era quello che volevi. O sbaglio?)Complimenti per tutti i tuoi lavori!
Gianpaolo Marchesi
1 year ago
Molto bella.
Piero Racchi
1 year ago
Piero Racchi Artist
1 year ago
1 year ago
molto bravo , bella !!
Anna Gatto
1 year ago
Anna Gatto Artist
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Luca Mannino
Palermo, Italy - 1980
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