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El deseo de ser especial (The desire to be special) - Dania Fleites

El deseo de ser especial (The desire to be special) (Dania Fleites) - Painting Celeste Prize 2012
Painting Fantasy / Visionary Acrylic (Dania Fleites - Havana Cuba)

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El deseo de ser especial (The desire to be special)

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Acrylic, Canvas, 155x105cm, 2008
By defining Art as a free, transformational space that sires a myriad of stories in which the Artist openly unfolds and intertwines skills and uncertainties, the Work of Art uses expressive dimensions of an imaginary to evoke an iconographic game where the similar and the dissimilar is often absurdly articulated--although perfectly recognizable--overflowing with allusions, ambiguous suggestions, ethical and philosophical connotations in which Man, and his social and cultural environment, is at the core of the discourse.

The work of art explores a natural inner Duality into the enigma of our minds, and then spreads to other visual dimensions drilling for vulnerable zones that alternate between the public and the private, the conscious and the unconscious. Thus, it deconstructs identities that drift from real to unreal in order to emphasize existential reverberations that are transgressed by iconic fictions that encompass reality, often infused by an obvious humorous force.

There are two lines of work: one that dwells the most secreted realms of the imagination, freeing the reins of the intuition and establishing dialogues with the subconscious and a second that flaunts a unique and accurate image that confronts nothing but truth without alarm or concealment.
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silvia canton
1 year ago
Darexis  Valle
1 year ago
1 year ago
jpv-studio Artist
muy interesante e intenso... ya sea el concepto que la forma.
Attilio Latini
1 year ago
Muy agradable...
catherine burg
1 year ago
buena suerte !
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Dania Fleites
Havana, Cuba - 1969
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