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"Self-border" (Hedgewitch) (gelidelune) - Photo & Digital Graphics Premio Celeste 2012 (Italy)
Photography Fantasy / Visionary Digital (gelidelune - Chioggia Italy)

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"Self-border" (Hedgewitch)

Photography, Fantasy / Visionary, Digital, Forex, 150x86x1cm, 2012
The work is part of a series inspired by the current born in Britain in the 90s known as Hedgewitch-of-the translation of which in Italian is "Witch of the border."
It refers to the power of modern witches to fly than the real world, crossing the border into the spiritual realm.
The figures in the image are taken from behind in nature, in the space of a garden, in an atmosphere of magic-where nature is a place of mystery inhabited by spirits.
The formal result sought was to create, at the same time, an effect of immobility and movement through the static movements of the girl and the movement of the detail of the wings-madeR03;R03;-metallic material in order to delimit and ideally represent more effectively the boundary space between the real and imaginary, material and spiritual.
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Comments (4)

Jenny Papalexandris
12 months ago
Gorgeous work. Very poetic!
1 year ago
Alìta Artist
Marguerite Duras affermava che tutte le donne sono streghe perché detengono ancora un legame viscerale con la natura cosa che risale ai tempi immemori della preistoria del genere umano,quando esse potevano parlare con gli alberi ....
1 year ago
gelidelune Artist
Grazie infinite!:))
catherine burg
1 year ago
Belle représentation ! Bonne chance :)
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Chioggia, Italy - 1970
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