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Tramonto Geometricamente Profondo - Carlo Strano

Tramonto Geometricamente Profondo (Carlo Strano) - Painting Premio Celeste 2012 (Italy)
Painting Abstract geometrical Acrylic (Carlo Strano - Venezia Italy)

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Added: 1 year ago

Tramonto Geometricamente Profondo

Painting, Abstract geometrical, Acrylic, Cardboard, 180x130cm, 2011
Geometrically Deep Sunset

Primary elements such as rectangles are obsessively repeated to generate complex agglomerates. On the "surface" of a simple sunset, the Depth takes form, aesthetic and existential, metaphor of contemporary complexity. Sketched figurative elements and the choice of a material support recover and reconnect the organic dimension to the fragmentation of the digital era.
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Comments (26)

6 months ago
LucaGood Artist
Mi piace!
Claudio Rampin
11 months ago
Bel lavoro, complimenti!
Karima Angiolina  Campanelli
1 year ago
..magnifico! salam
1 year ago
Bella composizione!
1 year ago
Mi piace!
1 year ago
bella e originale, interessante anche la scultura geometrica
Suzan a1qq Hijab
1 year ago
molto bello
1 year ago
silvi Artist
Belli i colori e la composizione!
Christiane Bernreuther
1 year ago
Great conzept! Good luck and success for your exhibition!!
Aida Guardai
1 year ago
Aida Guardai Artist
E' una meraviglia!! Complimenti per tutti i tuoi lavori!
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Carlo Strano
Venezia, Italy - 1975
Joined 1 year ago, visits 2342

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