Serenity (unlimited egoism)

Serenity (unlimited egoism)

Everything had already been done in not only the art world, but also any other fields in the 20th century. The 21th century had been said that the age of the appearances of the new media. We -humankinds in all over the world had always been surrounded with excess informations in every daily life . Probably it is almost impossible for the humankinds to actualize the appearance of the existence of the [GENIUS] who had been called in the 20th-Century, in the 21th -Century especially about art world. The more everything will become available in order to utilize them due to the appearances of new medias, the more the future of the humankind will become unlimited dark, I wanna express the figures of the humankinds who will be expressed with excess informations with black humours.

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Waldemar Dabrowski
3 years ago
Very interesting...!
Flordeliz Canlas
3 years ago
Very interesting. I like it very much.
catherine burg
4 years ago
Bonne chance :)

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