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Rodin Reflections (in 4 actions) - See-Saw Performance Group

Rodin Reflections (in 4 actions) (See-Saw Performance Group) - Finalist: Installation / Sculpture Celeste Prize 2012
Installation Human figure Various materials (See-Saw Performance Group - London United Kingdom)

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Rodin Reflections (in 4 actions)

Installation, Human figure, Various materials, Other, 300x150x70cm, 2012
With this work we are investigating the notion of the plinth; how it acts functionally in elevating and supporting artwork but also how it is perceived. We initially asked different London art institutions to donate to us what they felt was a ‘standard’ plinth. Using the body and clay to elevate and support the plinth we are reversing its function to then turn this back upon itself. We have re-made this work with plinths from the art institutions of Rome, in its new context.

Selection 2012


Nigel Prince Micol Di veroli Jack Persekian
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See-Saw Performance Group
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London, United Kingdom - 1987
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