Waiting time

Waiting time

Photography, Abstract informal, Digital, 130x53.3cm, 2011
Waiting time

The first time I saw them, it were there, waiting, and I wondered who is lurking, the photographed object or the person is watching it? Contemplation is considered a safe and “innocent” way, to the one who stands in front of the picture, as is the belief that what he has to see is shown just before his eyes. But all is not registered in the light, hiding behind it a trap, ona sweet and bitter at once: in the absence of uncertainty, which evokes not only the transformation of the image but the subject himself who has only two paths, while watching and waiting to be seized with the same time of the image or to uncover what is hidden to become the star of it.

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1 year ago
Vivalarte Artist
Mattia Passarini
2 years ago

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