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Nocturne, Still Image from DVD projection, 2011 - Andrea Morein

Nocturne, Still Image from DVD projection, 2011 (Andrea Morein) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2012
Photography Human figure Digital (Andrea Morein - Koeln Germany)

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Nocturne, Still Image from DVD projection, 2011

Photography, Human figure, Digital, PVC, 80x60cm, 2011
the photo-work "Nocturne" is an excerpt from a work-group entitled NIGHT MY LIGHT which treats the theme of darkness and depth. It contains projection-works with sound, photography, drawings and so-called hybrids... (drawings as photo-works)

Iím experimenting with limbic brain-structures, with the sensing/feeling aspect of visual impulses, with rhythmic structures and non-gravity . Iím re-defining visual compositions with an empty centre / or an illuminated centre and am interested in what happens at the margins, the edges, the limitation of the frame or the space which the frame can breathe into the image. The spaces inbetween...

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rheaume veronique lageisha
1 year ago
J'aime la douceur de la foto
1 year ago
catherine burg
1 year ago
Bonne chance !
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Andrea Morein
Koeln, Germany - 1952
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