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GEORGIO from the serie VENETIAN SCANS - Kurt Hoerbst

GEORGIO from the serie VENETIAN SCANS (Kurt Hoerbst) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2012
Photography Portrait Digital (Kurt Hoerbst - Wien Austria)

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Photography, Portrait, Digital, Aludibond, 90x220x5cm, 2011

Kurt Hoerbst has presented an innovative project of human mapping of the city entitled
Venetians Scan. As a matter of fact, Hoerbst has created a special machinery that can scan
at a photographic level the people's bodies. The final image is the result of a matching of 15
shots which, after a digital elaboration, give a life-size picture with high realism of the
subject. The artist will create a sort of living map of Venice through a series of pictures
involving the inhabitants of this city.
Hoerbst will give a new vision of Venice and of the people who live there, but most of all,
he will revolutionize the classical idea of portrait, inaugurating a new epoch with urban and
sociological aspects, leaving out the pure esthetic observation.
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Kurt Hoerbst
Wien, Austria - 1972
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