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One Way of Going

Video, Human figure, Short film, 16:9, 19 Minutes 52 Seconds, 2011
Everyone changes costume, tears himself loose at one point.
Redo everything if necessary.

One Way of Going tells the story of a woman who is slowly saying goodbye to the life she led. Everyday acts are carefully executed. There is a deceleration, as if life is a sequence of still lifes.

Concept and directed : Liesbeth Marit / Actors: Charlotte Vanden Eynde, woman - Jef Stevens, man / Dop: Rik Zang / Music and sound: Bram Bosteels / Edited: Liesbeth Marit
With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (www.vaf.be)

19 min 52 sec – 16:9 – color – non spoken – Belgium, © 2011 – liesbethmarit.be

Selection 2012


Micol Di veroli Risa Shoup Eva González-Sancho
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Comments (3)

Lydia Debeer
9 months ago
Lydia Debeer Artist
I saw this video at a screening in OFFoff in Ghent and was more then impressed. Most inspiring video and soundtrack.
Marit Liesbeth
1 year ago
Thanks!! You too, maybe see you in Rome!
1 year ago
Swoon Artist
Very nice? Schoon!
Congrats with the selection,
all the best, Swoon
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Marit Liesbeth
Brussels, Belgium - 1979
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