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Itineraria #1 - Sanders Mira

Itineraria #1 (Sanders Mira) - Finalist: Painting Celeste Prize 2012
Painting Fantasy / Visionary Mixed technique (Sanders Mira - Brussels Belgium)

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Itineraria #1

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Mixed technique, Cardboard, 100x45cm, 2012
Echogram is a series of collage drawings wherein photographic images that were published in magazines in the late 50's and early 60's are presented out of context. Not coincidentally, the science fiction genre from that period constitutes an important, decisive stage in American film / literature. The strange, measuring, tracking and shaping, are themes that lead Mira Sanders to select her images and to redesign them. Using outdated cardboard sheets or tilled soil layers, Mira Sanders creates new compositions. Mixed media (paint, paper, photo, ink ...), composition and colour are key features for a rigorous study of the composed image. As in her series Traceurs de Lignes (April 2012), she plays with the laws of (Euclidean) perspective and tries different dimensions in an image capture, an application that was typical to both the Flemish Primitives and Renaissance painting. In composing the Echogram, there is a strong desire and quest for material and depth. This can be very quickly formed by a number of lines added to an existing picture. At other times, the composition requires several layers. In a few exceptional cases, the images are deliberately placed centrally in the frame; a reference to one-point perspective where everything begins, but where everything can also run away. The definition of echogram reveals itself as the recording of depth or distance under water made by an echo sounder. In this series as well as in some of her other works, Mira Sanders considers the resonances of mechanisms and imagination.

Selection 2012


Eva González-Sancho Micol Di veroli Jack Persekian
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Comments (3)

David Downs
1 year ago
David Downs Artist
As a painter, I feel a bit offended by this choice. Collage is not painting. Even with the slight addition of painted elements, it does not qualify. These pieces do have an elegance to them, but you have mistaken design and appropriation for painting. What an awful disappointment.
salvo anzalone
1 year ago
Questi del Comitato perchè non cercano di dare le motivazioni delle loro scelte! Ma che k. vuol dire quest'opera? Ogni stronzata che viene prodotta suscita l'interesse di quattro rovinarte! Ma dove è l'arte! Povera Italia!
salvo anzalone
1 year ago
Io, invece, preferirei che qualcuno degli esperti mi desse qualche delucidazione, perche non riesco a capirne nè il messaggio e nè la bravura artistica!
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Sanders Mira
Brussels, Belgium - 1973
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