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Contradiction-Depth of wounds 2 - Wai-ting, Loretta  Lau

Contradiction-Depth of wounds 2 (Wai-ting, Loretta Lau)
Painting Abstract informal Oil (Wai-ting, Loretta Lau - Hong Kong Hong Kong)

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Contradiction-Depth of wounds 2

Painting, Abstract informal, Oil, 150x200cm, 2012
We got injured in daily life. You felt hurt or you don't really aware of it. It maybe a huge matter in your life or it maybe like a tickle. There are experience and memories inside the wounds. You may find something interesting was happened of it or some wounds made you don't wanna look it back . What we can do is let them appear on our skin, and wait... They might gone or stay with you, forever...
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Wai-ting, Loretta  Lau
Hong Kong, Hong Kong - 1985
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