Painting, Portrait, Oil, Canvas, 50x60cm, 2011
Everything is concentrated in an apparent vacuum, which actually encompasses a whole (white) who suddenly has a presence. Emerges as a look that says you harshly pervasive and intrusive.
Opera on us with sharp insistence, almost to defy any form of relationship, creating a user in distress dictated by the usual accustomed to escape before a communication that really knows how to put into play.
The stroke fast, the plot is that being has a texture, a "plot" of a material fact ready to fall apart. A sense of insecurity, of a constitution designed to dissolve dictated by a sense of frenzy that comes between us and the other, preventing or making dialogue difficult. It remains a bitter taste of loneliness, but also a desire for self-assertion of the "here and now."
What emerges from that white is only one side of a being in which we recognize, not its entirety, which is apparently incorporated into quell'abbaglio totalizing.

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pietro negri
1 year ago
pietro negri Journalist
Uno sguardo duro e invadente...e uno vuoto, assente...paradigma del funzionamento dei due emisferi cerebrali. Quello di sinistra, collegato all'occhio destro, specializzato nel decodificare e interpretare immagini e parole che formano nelle loro combinazioni di senso, la coscienza razionale dell'Io. Quello di destra, collegato all'occhio sinistro (vuoto) specializzato nel classificare e catalogare sensazioni, emozioni e sentimenti corporei nella memoria emotiva del Sè principiale (il cuore)
2 years ago

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