Installation, Abstract informal, Other, Light, 140x140x120cm, 2012
The installation is referring both to the melting poles and the cairns, placed in the mountains all over the World for the sake of guiding our fellowmen from one safe point to the next.
Hikers are expected to bring a new stone to the next cairn for the sake of keeping them well preserved - standing there forever - and as a symbolic act people carries stones to keep their fellow human being to the track.
The melting poles are significant sign of the lack of will among World leaders to solve the problems due to the global warming and the impact this threatening catastrophe has to millions of people in the so-called undeveloped countries.
The World needs serious hikers to lead us in the right direction.
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Geoff Dunlop
1 year ago
Very good
Ruggero Pallaoro
2 years ago
amazing work :)
Barbara Gianella
2 years ago
Very nice :-)
2 years ago
Very Good!
Giuseppe Figliuzzi
2 years ago
Pulsazioni di luce.Complimenti!!!
catherine burg
2 years ago
Bonne chance :)
Anna Gatto
2 years ago
Anna Gatto Artist
Bella! Complimenti!
monica zambon
2 years ago
Che meraviglia!
2 years ago
benny Artist
molto bella

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