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Piero Bellugi - gianluca maver

Piero Bellugi (gianluca maver) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2012
Photography Portrait Mixed technique (gianluca maver - Firenze Italy)

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Piero Bellugi

Photography, Portrait, Mixed technique, Plexiglass, 100x125x4cm, 2008
The project is developed, aiming to portray the intense look and outdated, with the intention of making them, as we could say, of a metaphysical nature. To this end I meant to neutralize the characters chosen by projecting against white backdrops, creating a sort of astral space, without loosing strength of vision, that the precise moment, absolutely, as suspended in the enchantment of an apparition bathed in light .

Also in this case is a tribute to the composer's death occurred in 2012 Piero Bellugi
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Comments (5)

gianluca maver
1 year ago
thanks !!!! Celestino and Melvin...
celestino sebastiao
1 year ago
Melvin Harris
1 year ago
Excellent work!
gianluca maver
1 year ago
Ciao Claudia, grazie, è un ritratto fatto un po di tempo fa, ma quest'anno Piero Bellugi è mancato.....a presto
claudia romiti
1 year ago
Ciao Gianluca, bellissimo ritratto! Complimenti!!
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gianluca maver
Firenze, Italy - 1972
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