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Untilted - Gonzales Ptrik

Untilted (Gonzales Ptrik) - Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2012
Photography Portrait Digital (Gonzales Ptrik - Dijon France)

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Photography, Portrait, Digital, Photographic paper, 60x60x1cm, 2012
Portrait inside by a single technique, the artist Patrick Gonzales walks as a photojournalist in the memory, the space-time, childhood, art history and dreams.
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Comments (3)

Paola Mischiatti
1 year ago
Great work+++++++++
Geoff Dunlop
1 year ago
Geoff Dunlop Artist
Carlo D'Orta
1 year ago
Carlo D'Orta Artist
Très romantique, soit pour l'athmosphère soit puor la realisation
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Gonzales Ptrik
Dijon, France - 1965
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