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La Cappellaia Matta - Valentina Vivacqua

La Cappellaia Matta (Valentina Vivacqua) - Painting Celeste Prize 2012
Painting Political / Social Mixed technique (Valentina Vivacqua - Cosenza Italy)

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La Cappellaia Matta

Painting, Political / Social, Mixed technique, Canvas, 100x100x5cm, 2012
And 'one of the works belonging to the theme I'm developing for months (and I still have to finish) that is APPROVAL OF PHYSICAL AND MENTAL FEMALE. The woman is a slave of herself, a victim of subliminal messages, bombarded by the media, chasing a prototype of beauty "approved" and to reach it undergoes extreme surgery. Verging on psychopathology when trying to look like another, denying her womanhood, her appearance. He does not realize she is being manipulated, they become an automaton. Is written in ink on the canvas:
Two women harbor in me, the best one remains trapped in the crevices of the unconscious, overwhelmed by advertisements. They told me that the man-made beauty is the basis of happiness. So, I find myself wandering through these gray streets underground, unhappy as a clone. I do not see my eyes, my heart beats, it is devastated by SILICON. Immagii reflected in the windows I see an army of women equal to me: we are not DEE, mothers, wives, but a sophisticated device of pleasure to satisfy old cravings ... Alice and I would go back to being amazed even the World (Valentina Vivacqua)
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Valentina Vivacqua
3 months ago
Grazie e, naturalmente, benvenuto!
danilo tresanini
3 months ago
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Valentina Vivacqua
Cosenza, Italy - 1954
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