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NIECE - Lelya Borisenko

NIECE (Lelya Borisenko) - Painting Celeste Prize 2012
Painting Portrait Oil (Lelya Borisenko - Moscow Russia)

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Added: 1 year ago


Painting, Portrait, Oil, Canvas, 40x50x3cm, 2012
My favorite niece Anna
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Comments (15)

Paul De Haan
10 months ago
Paul De Haan Artist
Wonderful modern Monna Lisa! :o)
Rudolf Lichtenegger
1 year ago
Very beautiful work!!
Justina Bukantaite
1 year ago
Barbara Ghisi
1 year ago
Le mani e il volto sono incredibili!! Bravissima. Gianluca Carta ha colto nel segno. Ciaoo
Vdovichenko Lena
1 year ago
Kurgan Kurgan
1 year ago
Kurgan Kurgan Visitor
Very nice!
1 year ago
Totur Artist
Layla is a lovely rebenok.Pozdrvlyayu SFA dushi.Chyudnaya work!
Nicola Magrone
1 year ago
Very nice!
Lelya Borisenko
1 year ago
Thank you!
silvia canton
1 year ago
very nice!
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Lelya Borisenko
Moscow, Russia - 1973
Joined 4 years ago, visits 5398
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