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Pietà - David Birkin

Pietà (David Birkin) - Winner: Photo / Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2012
Photography Political / Social Mixed technique (David Birkin - London United Kingdom)

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Photography, Political / Social, Mixed technique, Photographic paper, 21.5x18cm, 2012
Pietà (2012)

Associated Press (AP) wire-photo depicting an Afghan woman at the funeral of her son, overlaid with ultramarine pigment sourced from lapis lazuli mines in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan.

Due to its scarcity and value during the Renaissance, lapis lazuli was reserved for painting the robes of the Virgin Mary in Christian iconographic scenes. Here, pure blue pigment veils the subject of the photograph, leaving a caption as the only desc<x>ription of its figurative content.

The work also makes formal reference to the process of 'redaction' in censoring government documents.

Selection 2012


Eva González-Sancho María Inés Rodríguez
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David Birkin
London, United Kingdom - 1977
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