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The End - luca de march

The End (luca de march) - The End
Painting Game / Fun Acrylic (luca de march - Torino Italy)

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Added: 1 year ago

The End

Painting, Game / Fun, Acrylic, Canvas, 80x60x4cm, 2012
Today there's no time...
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Comments (18)

Gabriella Grossi
6 months ago
forte! alternativa al finale della favola! ah ah ah cara biancaneve mo so veramente grossi guai!
Paola Turra
11 months ago
Paola Turra Artist
Sei O R I G I N A L E !!!!!!!
Martina Buzio
1 year ago
1 year ago
Adrian Setterfield
1 year ago
luca de march
1 year ago
aliz polgar
1 year ago
aliz polgar Artist
è troppo forte!!!!
Frank N
1 year ago
Frank N Artist
Cool! Nice color composition too ....
luca de march
1 year ago
Ciao Silvia grazie!!
Silvia  Caimi
1 year ago
Silvia Caimi Artist
Finalmente!! ;-) ahah (bravo!!!)
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luca de march
Torino, Italy - 1979
Joined 1 year ago, visits 570

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