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Transience - Tanisha Bhana

Transience (Tanisha Bhana) - The End
Photography Landscape Mixed technique (Tanisha Bhana - Johannesburg South Africa)

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Photography, Landscape, Mixed technique, Photographic paper, 61x50x5cm, 2012

Fluttering leaves that discover the serpents uncoiled
rain on a motherís bleeding breast
and awaken the Dead Eyes, drunk from stricken desire
but consumed by the atom split when panic feigned pleasure.

May Dragons enflame, and blossoms vomit ash
when fledglings encircle fences that unbind.
May the Woods entomb the glittering moonlit tanzanite
in a womb of intoxicated flesh.

And when hidden routes flood the borders
and Mortar holds only petals,
May soiled bones be forgiven
and the Soul be unbound.

© Tanisha Bhana

Destruction naturally breeds creation and, in creating, we often destroy. My work employs a fascination in deliberately destroying digital images in order to create aged, dreamlike visions of futuristic landscapes, to place the viewer in the position of looking back at our future.

Misplaced objects, juxtaposed to illustrate impossible landscapes, re-scaled or saturated in colour, bring together layers of scenes that are separately possible at different points in time of the earthís history. Objects and imagery, both natural and man-made, are sometimes deliberately broken down or abstractly placed, but chaotically organised, in order to create patterns that allude to the transitory nature our existence and that of our planet.
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Comments (4)

Maria Cristina  Neviani
1 year ago
Xa Na
1 year ago
Xa Na Artist
very suggestive and impressive
1 year ago
Nicci Designer
Hello Tanisha! Dis 'n ongelooflike portrail van die einde met indrukwekkende beelde. Ek wens jou baie sukses!!
1 year ago
Ottimo lavoro
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Tanisha Bhana
Johannesburg, South Africa - 1976
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