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All That Remains Of Us - On The Negative Side - fe

All That Remains Of Us - On The Negative Side (fe) - The End
Net Art Portrait (fe - Como Italy)

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All That Remains Of Us - On The Negative Side

Net Art, Portrait, 2012
I believe that human race is struggling to find a way to survive -even to itself and by all means!- and, for whoever will be left or will come, it will no more be a matter of seek and find as much as of find and SEARCH.

The here presented pictures are digital images meant to express all the above said, together with the intention of being a virtual portrait of all of us who, either consciously or unconsciously, are leaving bits and bytes of ourselves to posterity.

The project, called All That Remains Of Us, began with the pic named On The Negative Side, where personal data have been enCODEd in a QR Code enGRAVEd on a grave. Much more than the picture of a face, much less than the story of a Life: a matrix that unveils the access keys to own web accounts.

And so on and so forth, stressing the simple fact that -one way or the other- what goes around, comes around because TIME actually IS circular: all that one can do is try to level UP, waiting for the next turn and always keeping in mind that, no matter what,


Love Conquers All.

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Darvin Anna Scopece
10 months ago
bravissima Federica!!!
11 months ago
Bellissimo lavoro
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Como, Italy - 1971
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