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Dead City - Klaus Bittner

Dead City (Klaus Bittner) - The End
Photography Urban landscape / Architecture Digital (Klaus Bittner - Frankfurt am Main Germany)

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Dead City

Photography, Urban landscape / Architecture, Digital, Aludibond, 70x50x2cm, 2012
The climate change will have influence as well on nature as on our artificial worlds – e.g. architecture. It will force many people to migration of nations in order to escape from nature disasters. That will lead to overpopulation in other regions and there it will have negative influence on the housing situation. In order to supply people with enough housing space, architecture will fall back on cheap mass construction. There will arise inhuman housing areas, soulless large scale architecture (dead cities).
My images called “dead cities” show the positive side of the negative situation, they show the interesting ornamentation of these architectural structures. In this project I have included original photographs as well as digital treated images (digital art). My chief aim is to show images with an ambivalent character.
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Melvin Harris
1 year ago
Tiziana Parziale
1 year ago
Notevole, complimenti.
1 year ago
Vivalarte Artist
Maristella  Angeli
1 year ago
A project that is fascinating!
Carla Mascaro
1 year ago
Fantastic work!
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Klaus Bittner
Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 1944
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