dooms day

dooms day

Painting, Illustration, Graphic printing, Canvas, 125x125cm, 2012
" what will happen on that day ?
it's the end of things,
whether the end of an individual life,
the end of the age, or the end of the world."
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Comments 9

JDA Art Gallery
9 months ago
very good!
Tanya Bartolini
11 months ago
Tiziana Parziale
1 year ago
Molto interessante, complimenti
Waldemar Dabrowski
1 year ago
giulio micheletti
2 years ago
lavoro interessante e bello
a b
2 years ago
a b Artist
catherine burg
2 years ago
Bonne chance :)
Gabriella Fiabane
2 years ago
Fabio "Oscar" Buosi
2 years ago
cool .. beautiful ... I love

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