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Disturbed angels - angelavinci

Disturbed angels (angelavinci)
Painting Human figure Mixed technique (angelavinci - Catania Italy)

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Added: 5 years ago

Disturbed angels

Painting, Human figure, Mixed technique, Canvas, 100x100x5cm, 2009
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1 year ago
angelavinci Artist
Thank you so much, very nice and deep your comment^__^
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
1 year ago

We are Born of Light. Which The Heart knows the Truth. We Belong to Eternity. While We are Journeying in this Beautiful World~ There are So Many Miss Leading Disturb Us to Seek the Truth as a What We are. That Disturbing Helps Us to Find the Truth and Set Free in The True. Until Whole True that Set Us Free within One Pure Love~ Journey Goes.
Even in the Religion there are hidden Lies~ That lies Have Been Disturbs Us. Until Find the Way Within Purity of Love~
Beautiful Painting From YOUR Heart Speaks Our Condition in Our Life's Journey and That is Truly Beautiful~!!!~
1 year ago
angelavinci Artist
grazie di cuore!
1 year ago
angelavinci Artist
grazie di cuore!
1 year ago
da togliere il fiato , belle tutte le tue opere questa è la mia preferita, superbravissimissifavolosa
2 years ago
Ronnie Tres Reyes
4 years ago
wow! :)
4 years ago
Almadressa Artist
la mia preferita
luigino moro
4 years ago
luigino moro Artist
complimenti angela veramente una bella opera
in bocca al lupo
Giorgia Busetto
4 years ago
...mi piace molto, mi fanno pensanre...meravigliosi
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Catania, Italy - 1962
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