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" Intuition" (Cristina Barrera) - Dependtendency Dependtendency 2009
Painting Fantasy / Visionary Mixed technique (Cristina Barrera - Guadalajara Spain)

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" Intuition"

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Mixed technique, Mixed support, 40x40x6cm, 2008
" We move around in circles just trying to guess
while the secret remain seated in the middle, knowingly "

Robert Frost
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Comments (6)

jaya  suberg
3 years ago
jaya suberg Artist
magic work, christina
Virginia Ryan
4 years ago
...and full of grace.....
Nicolas Romanacci
4 years ago
like your subtle use of the material.the layered structure is intriguing.thank you.nicolas
Jesús Olmo
4 years ago
Jesús Olmo Artist
Most religious or metaphysically inclined people assume their real identity is that of a “soul” incarnating in a body for the purpose of experience, education, and evolution. Even if this is true, the question remains as to where this soul-identity leaves off and the identification with experience begins— where is the line drawn? Is there such a thing as an individual soul at all?
Richard Rose.
Jesús Olmo
4 years ago
Jesús Olmo Artist
What we generally call a soul may be the misidentification of the impersonal Self with a cluster of experience, which is personified as the ego and projected into the ether as a spiritualized human. Is the soul the face at the end of the ray of the Spiritual Sun, or Atman, and the ego is a mask on that face?
Jesús Olmo
4 years ago
Jesús Olmo Artist
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Cristina Barrera
Guadalajara, Spain - 1962
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