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Lindsay - steven smith

Lindsay (steven smith)
Painting Portrait Acrylic (steven smith - Saint John Canada)

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Added: 4 years ago


Painting, Portrait, Acrylic, Hardboard, 38.1x38.1cm, 2009
"Lindsay" is a dry brush acrylic on a gessoed panel. It is one of five new pieces that I have painted in the past eighteen months. It was completed on March 11/09. Lindsay, an artist from Baltimore, Maryland, spent the summer of 2007 in St. Andrews.
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Comments (9)

Gianfranco ferlazzo
2 years ago
elena candoli
4 years ago
...beautiful, intense, exciting.
gualtiero cagna
4 years ago
rosalia zutta
4 years ago
amazing portrait, I like it
4 years ago
ERNO Artist
bellissimo lavoro, si apprezza soprattutto nei particolari dei capelli
T.W. Chui
4 years ago
T.W. Chui Artist
Heart and soul at your command! I love your work.
anna gritti
4 years ago
anna gritti Artist
slow and methodical:a perfect observer.
beautiful portrait!
riLLa Lù
4 years ago
riLLa Lù Artist
thanks steven!
these faces are exceptional!!!
very expressive..
Christiane Bernreuther
4 years ago
This portrait is perfect, congratulation !
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steven smith
Saint John, Canada - 1948
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