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Lara 1 - steven smith

Lara 1 (steven smith)
Painting Portrait Acrylic (steven smith - Saint John Canada)

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Added: 4 years ago

Lara 1

Painting, Portrait, Acrylic, Hardboard, 35.5x35.5cm, 2008
Lara 1 is a dry brush acrylic on a gessoed panel. This was the first portrait that I painted of Lara.
It was her lovely voice that first attracted me to Lara. As we talked I saw the beautiful face of a young mother, wife and a professional woman who has since become my friend.
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Comments (3)

3 years ago
LALLA Artist
grande elganza e raffinatezza. complimenti
Gianfranco ferlazzo
3 years ago
Great work!
Daniela Pirro
4 years ago
Daniela Pirro Critic / Curator
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steven smith
Saint John, Canada - 1948
Joined 4 years ago, visits 7015

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