The Beggars Banquet

The Beggars Banquet

Painting, Human figure, Acrylic, Canvas, 200x100x3cm, 2008
The stones were rolling. They were rolling to drag the tensions of an angry generation.
Rolling to loan a sound track to the strong energy that springs from their hearts.
From that energy a new era began.
A loud as the sound of a thunder, sudden and devasting like hurricane, energy was like a gigantic wave that would have destroyed the world and change the human life all over the world.
Energy that still makes the stone rolling
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manuel riccardi
4 years ago
Gabriele grazie per il tuo incontro!!!Complimenti per i tuoi lavori e sconvolgente la cura che hai dei tettagli!!!!Bravo davvero!!!A presto
ursula viganò
4 years ago
beggars opera! viva il progressive! conosci gli ozric tentacles? ciao )
Raymond St. Arnaud
4 years ago
Captures the essence of the band, the music, the times.
Carloemanuele Mezzano
4 years ago
4 years ago
Gracio Artist
complimenti questa è opera!!!
Ronnie Tres Reyes
4 years ago
great lighting! \\m//
Luminita D
4 years ago
Luminita D Artist
tanti complimenti!
Alessio Ancillai
4 years ago
Comoplimenti, votato!
In bocca al lupo per il premio!
Valeria Bovo
4 years ago
Votato. Resa cromatica imponente e vibrante. Complimenti per i tuoi lavori
Gianfranco Castelli
5 years ago
Merita! voto!

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