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Bideshi Photostudio / Ferdosi 8 years - Kurt Hoerbst

Bideshi Photostudio / Ferdosi 8 years (Kurt Hoerbst) - Finalist: Photo & Digital Graphics Celeste Prize 2009
Photography Portrait Analogue / Traditional (Kurt Hoerbst - Wien Austria)

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Bideshi Photostudio / Ferdosi 8 years

Photography, Portrait, Analogue / Traditional, Photographic paper, 100x125x10cm, 2009
When wandering through rural Bangladesh with a camera in your hand the sentence
„Bideshi…chobi, chobi…! – Stranger! Take a photo of me!” will soon be heard all around.
An unbelievably delighted eagerness to be photographed is definitely there.
The project BIDESHI Photostudio, which started off in December 2008 after intense
preparations and diligent planning by Austrian Kurt Hoerbst, first and foremost provided
a welcome opportunity to earn money for the men of Rudrapur.
The experienced bamboo and clay specialists constructed a simple but impressive building
within a month’s work – by hand!
The daylight studio offered locals to be photographed professionally from the beginning of February 2009.
A glass roof and light Sari-fabrics on the side walls created a soft ambience in combination
with the clay ground and back wall.
While project assistant Alexandra Grill took digital photos of the families,
Kurt Hoerbst photographed the villagers analogue in a large format system.
The digital data was edited, printed and laminated the same and passed on to the curious
models the next day.

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Comments (9)

jaya  suberg
3 years ago
jaya suberg Artist
superschön, diese melancholie( des lebens...)love, jaya
Anita Kovacevic
4 years ago
Fantastic portrait..love it...
svetlana pesetskaya
4 years ago
respekt +55!!!!!!!!!!!!
stefania ormas
4 years ago
beautiful ! vote for you :)
J. Isabelle Cornière
4 years ago
Beatifull,expressive and really esthetic work!

Brigitte Kempers
4 years ago
Hallo Kurt,

das ist eine sehr schöne Aufnahme!
pino spadavecchia
4 years ago
Spero che quel dubbio, quello sguardo continui per sempre per interrogare. Continuamente.Pino Spadavecchia.
Yuri Ivanenko
4 years ago
Hi, Kurt!
You did nice job! I like this portrait!
Good luck in your art.
Annika  Sporleder
4 years ago
beautifull expression
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Kurt Hoerbst
Wien, Austria - 1972
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