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The never-ending handover

Video, Human figure, Short film, 4:3, 2 Minutes 08 Seconds, 2008
Due to the process of passing, the original "me" disappears.
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Aureliano Lanzoni
2 years ago
Alfonso Siracusa
4 years ago
ti voto brava!
Gianguido Oggeri Breda
4 years ago
4 years ago
fuse* Artist group
amazing...also the sound!
4 years ago
Dome Artist
Muy bonito!
Slava Zhdanov
4 years ago
I realy enjoyed it. It's amazing.
Demi Tai
4 years ago
Demi Tai Artist
mucha gracias!!
Sandro Martiniello
4 years ago
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Demi Tai
Zaragoza, Spain - 1976
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