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Live Media, Urban landscape / Architecture, Live audio/visual, 2008
What you have here are some excerpts of an audiovisual performance called Solitude. Third and last part of Isolata trilogy, Solitude was presented for the first time on Sonidos Organizados festival in Zamora, Spain.

This Real-Time Score performance aims on the path to our concience focusing on the true loneliness of the human being. Empty outside full inside. A black and white story about filth and desolation supported by a live constructed soundtrack, as the benshi did with the silent films in early 1900s.
i hope you enjoy it.
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Bettina Patermo
3 years ago
great!!! where is your artwork this year ? greatings bettina
4 years ago
Dome Artist
thank you very much for all of your comments, very appreciate!
Rebecca Dyer Szabo
4 years ago
absolutely stunning
Graziano Panfili
4 years ago
patrizia rampazzo
4 years ago
mi piace la poesia struggente del tuo lavoro. grazie per la tua amicizia.
4 years ago
Dome Artist
Thanks for your interest, Maurilio.

Maurilio Raponi
4 years ago
Wonderful!!! Very intense work. Compliments.
4 years ago
Dome Artist
thanks a lot, fabiano.
hope you can watch it live. best way to enjoy it!

may the force be with you.
Fabiano Parisi
4 years ago
great, great work! bravo!
voted as masterpiece :)
4 years ago
Dome Artist
muchas gracias por los comentarios:)
si alguien quiere una copia en DVD sólo tenis que pedirla.
If anyone wants a copy on DVD just ask!

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Valencia, Spain - 1980
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